Surprise Family Karate

About Us 


At Surprise Family Karate we teach American Freestyle Karate which incorporates punches, kicks, strikes, blocks, fitness exercises, and safety techniques to provide each student with a solid foundation of martial arts training. American Freestyle Karate is a hard style martial art with equal emphasis in all training areas. A modern art with traditional values, our basic philosophy is to train students to defend themselves, develop a positive attitude, help them become healthy and fit and to provide a fun and encouraging learning environment. Our goal is to have every one of our students become black belts that have high moral standards, display courtesy and use their training to benefit themselves and others. At SFK we strive to incorporate safe, effective and innovative physical fitness techniques to improve each student’s balance, strength and coordination that will enhance their martial arts skills as well as extracurricular sports and activities.



Owner and Instructor Mr. James Roeske  is a 3rd degree black belt. Mr. James began his training as soon as he was able to walk. He entered his first tournament at age 3, was a national champion at age 5 ranked #1 in the United States, earned his black belt at age 8, and became a Jr. World Champion at age 9. He has been featured in several magazines & newspapers, has made numerous television appearances and starred as "Tum Tum" in "3 Ninjas-High Noon at Mega Mountain". Mr. James has a Degree in Deaf Studies: American Sign Language and teaches our D/HH Classes. He also teaches our Punching Pee Wee Classes, Private Lessons, Weapons Classes, and Tumbling Classes.





5th Degree Black Belt Mrs. Ellie Roeske began her training at age 10 receiving her black belt at age 15 and began teaching classes shortly after. Mrs. Roeske has studied Tae Kwon Do, American Freestyle Karate and was a professional kickboxer in full-contact sport karate. Mrs. Roeske is a former P.E. teacher, has Early Childhood Education credits and is First Aid and CPR certified. Mrs. Roeske has trained hundreds of students including Jr. National & World champions, coaches an outstanding and highly recognized demonstration team, as well as training students with disabilities(ADHD, autism, and neurologically disabled).Awards include: Top Ten nationally ranked Forms competitor, Outstanding Instructor American Karate Assoc. 1989 and Pro. Karate Assoc. Instructor of the Year 1993.



Instructor Miss Emily Roeske, 3rd degree black belt, is a national champion, forms/weapons Grand Champion, formerly  ranked #1 in the country and current Arizona State Champion. Miss Emily is also ranked in Muay Thai and studies boxing & MMA. Miss Emily teaches our Kids MMA class and coaches our Tournament and Demo Team. You may also recognize Emily from her many commercial, television and movie roles, like Disney's "Halloweentown 1,2 & 3" Emily is also a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.


Student Oath/Aims 


Student Oath  

1) I Shall Respect Myself, My Instructors, And Higher Ranking Student 

2) I Shall Train To My Fullest Potential And Always Try To Improve My Skills

3) I Shall Never Misuse My Abilities


Student Aims